Nidec Component Technology

About Nidec Component Technology

We specialized in the aluminium die casting mold and process development. We offer our customer a wide range of services from product design optimization (DFM), mold flow analysis (CAE), mold design and fabrication, as well as support in die casting process, failure analysis and quality improvement.

Our Products

  • Hard disk baseplate
  • Fan housing
  • Bracket and covers

DFM(Design for Manufacturability)

To optimize the product design for quality improvement:

  • Improving the Evenness of product wall thickness
  • Apply optimal draft angle
  • Smooth material flow channel for reduction of flow turbulence and risk of mold damage
  • Optimize the product structure to reduce the risk of the mold damage
  • Identify the risk area i.e. leaking and proposal of the design improvement

CAE (Magmasoft Mold Flow Analysis and Optimization)

  • Simulate the material flow for optimization of runner, in-gate, overflow layout to achieve best casting quality.
  • Simulate the solidification process to identify and best cooling layout and optimization to minimize the porosity and casting quality issue of leaking and soldering.
  • DOE simulation to compare the difference configuration which can shorten the overall development lead time.

Design capabilities

  • Aluminium / zinc / Mg die casting mold
  • Knowhow in vacuum mold design, Squeeze pin design to achieve zero porosity at critical positions.
  • Jig & Fixture
  • Hog-out samples

Mold Fabrication

  • We are specialised in die-casting mold fabrication, jig & fixture, precision components.
  • In-house processes including CNC-milling, Turning & EDM.
  • Capable of CNC high-speed milling directly on hardened inserts.

Quality Assurance

  • ISO9001:2018 QMS Certified
  • Capabilities:
    • Precision measurement (CMM – Hexagon Metrology)
    • Contour profile measurement. (radius, chamfers and drafts)
    • Surface roughness measurement (surface conditions)
    • Visual and cosmetic check